Paul Ryan: King of the Dumbfucks or Facetious Randian?

by thewedewer

As I was working on a research project on the federal government’s budgetary and macroeconomic policy, I discovered a conversation between Congressman Paul Ryan and OMB Director Jack Lew that shouldn’t go unnoticed: Paul Ryan questioned whether the Obama administration’s fiscal policy leaves tax rates for the middle class unchanged, Jack Lew responded that it’s clear that this is the case as marginal tax rates remain at levels set by the Bush administration. At this moment, economic wizard and policy wonk Paul Ryan knew he had lieberal Jack Lew in a headlock: wut about Obamacare!?!?!

I’m just trying to say, first of all, the Supreme Court says that the health insurance mandate is a tax that obviously hits everybody.The 2.3 percent tax on medical devices, that hits everybody, including people making less than $200,000. The cigarette tax, smokers do not just make about $250,000..The point I am trying to make is, you are already kind of reneging on this promise, and the biggest tax increase proposal you have in your budget does that as well. It taxes families below your definition of middle-income thresholds.

Paul Ryan clearly got ’em. Obama’s politburo is out to destroy the middle class by establishing secret fees against salt of the earth Americans who just want to smoke their cigarettes while being hooked up to advanced medical equipment.

My response to Paul Ryan: shut the fuck up, simpleton. Fees designed to incentivize behavior that promotes the public health are not taxes. You are either a moron who is unable to understand this or a sociopathic liar who wants to present a misleading narrative that protect the welfare of oppressed “job creators” aka hedge fund managers and wealthy businessowners. Frankly, I’m not sure what to believe at this point. My question for reading audience: is Paul Ryan a moron or a sociopathic Randian? The past three years of debate have left me puzzled.